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4 min read/Dec 3, 2023
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Choosing a name for your baby is a big deal. It's a decision that will shape your child's identity and influence their life in countless ways. No pressure, right? With so much riding on this decision, it's no wonder many parents find themselves overwhelmed by the process of choosing a name.

That's why we built TinyTator, your new best friend for picking the perfect name for your little one. TinyTator is a free baby name app that makes choosing a name fun and easy. Explore a vast collection of names, curated categories, and insightful information. Plus, you can see your partners liked names in real-time!

Find Unique Baby Names

TinyTator comes name packed with over 50,000 names. From the most popular to the most unique, TinyTator has it all.

Swipe up to uncover new names in a fun and exciting way. It's like Tinder and TikTok had a baby name app.

Browse categories that match your style, or search for a specific names information.

Baby name categories

Every category has hundreds of unique names that are sure to inspire you. Here's a sneak peek into the categories that TinyTator offers:

  1. Nature Names: From Willow to River, these names reflect the serenity and vitality of nature.
  2. Unique Names: Stand out from the crowd with names that are truly one-of-a-kind. Browse thousands of unique baby names that are as special as your little one.
  3. Viking Names: Fancy a strong and adventurous name for your baby? Explore the strong and storied names in the viking category!
  4. Galaxy Names: From celestial bodies to constellations, TinyTator has names that are out of this world, literally. Your baby can be a little star in more ways than one!
  5. Celebrity Names: From actors to musicians, you can find the names of your favorite stars in this category.
  6. And More!: There's many more categories to explore, so download TinyTator for free!
Have something specific in mind? Filter baby names that start or end with a specific letter, and more!

Don't waste your time

Finding a baby name is already hard, and scrolling though countless blogs with ads and popups is an exasperating experience. Not to mention, you see the same names over and over again.

TinyTator never shows you the same name twice, plus you can see your partners liked names in real-time! That's one of the very reasons we decided to built the app in the first place. We get it.

Save Your Favorite Baby Names & Share Them With Your Partner

Share favorite names with your partner
  1. Favoriting Made Easy: As you scroll through names, double-tap to favorite it, or press the heart icon and TinyTator will remember it for you. No need to stress about forgetting a name – your favorites are always there for you to revisit.
  2. It takes two: Naming your baby is a shared experience. Scroll together in-person, or seamlessly share your favorite names with your partner across devices. See each others liked names in real-time, and your matches!
  3. Bring the whole family: You can even invite your family members to join in the fun! Or, you can send them an individual name to get their opinion.

Beautiful Baby Name Meanings and More

TinyTator baby name meanings and origins tab

View detailed insights into every name, including its popularity over time, meaning, origin, and even how it looks in different handwriting styles!

Baby Name Meanings

Name meanings empower you to find the right name that aligns with your aspirations for your child.

Baby Name Origins

Whether it's a name with deep historical significance or a modern creation, understanding its roots adds a layer of meaning to your choice.

Baby Name Popularity

Discover the popularity trends of each name over time, with all the way back to the 1800s.

Baby Name Pronunciations

See the phonetic spelling of each name and even listen to what it sounds like!

The Best Baby Name Generator App

So, there you have it – TinyTator, your new sidekick in the baby-naming adventure! Download TinyTator for free on the App Store today, and find the perfect name for your little one.

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